Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Hermitage, Cat Island

The day started with running the water maker and doing laundry. As I was taking a handful of laundry out of the bag to put it in the laundry bucket I dropped a sock. It drifted toward the stern where George was running the water maker. I yelled for him to grab my sock. He couldn't hear me over the noise of the water maker. Finally he understood what I was saying and reached down and grabbed it just as it drifted by. Hooray! After all that was finished we dinghied ashore and ate a delicious lunch of grilled lobster at an outdoor beach restaurant, Hidden Treasures. It was the best food we've had so far in the Bahamas. Next we walked up Mount Alvernia, the highest hill in the Bahamas at 206 ft., to the Hermitage. It was built by Father Jerome, an Englishman trained as an architect who then became an Anglican priest and then a Catholic priest. It was his retirement home and fashioned after a 3/4 scale monastery. The views were amazing.

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