Saturday, February 4, 2017

Orange Creek, Cat Island

We left the somewhat rolly Arthur's Town anchorage yesterday morning with a plan to anchor a few miles away at Orange Creek. There is a nice beach there and a mangrove creek that we could explore in the dinghy. There are numerous coral heads in the area so George stood at the bow as a lookout. As we approached the anchorage it was clear that the waves at Orange Creek were even worse than at Arthur's Town so we opted to keep going around the point to the northwest side of Cat Island. The point did provide more protection and the anchorage was much calmer than Orange Creek. After dropping the anchor we dinghied ashore and walked the beautiful long beach with crystal clear water. Erosion had caused trees at the point to fall and the upended roots looked like modern art. We saw squalls all around us but never had more than a slight sprinkle. During the night the wind and waves shifted and the anchorage became quite rolly. So, this morning we pulled up the anchor again and went ba
ck around the point to Orange Creek. So far, it is much calmer. We hope to explore the creek at high tide.

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