Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Laundry Day at Black Point

Today we motored a few miles south and dropped the anchor in Black Point harbour. George was planning to run the water maker while I did laundry at the Rockside Laundromat. Have I mentioned how much I love this laundromat? We dropped off our garbage and left a donation in the donation box. We walked our laundry down the street, then George returned to Breeze On to run the water maker. As we were walking down the street I was appreciating how convenient this little town is. While doing the laundry (which is very popular with cruisers, not surprisingly) I met some other very nice cruisers. One couple, Jim and Patty on Avalon, invited us to join them for lunch at a nearby restaurant. We did and had a great time. After we returned to Breeze On we pulled up anchor again and moved a few more miles south to Little Bay. It is yet another peaceful, pretty anchorage. It should be a good place to wait out the north wind we expect tomorrow night. In the meantime we are hopeful that are
questions about the shore power error light that comes on when we connect the Honda generator to the boat will be sorted out soon.
(Photo is of Black Point harbour.)

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