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I consider myself to be a pretty good seamstress, I make almost all of my own clothes, including bras and blue jeans. I make my own sailing clothes and recently made sailing pants and shorts for my husband. I also made a pair of jeans for my husband. I recently got it into my head that I wanted to custom fit the sheets to the mattresses on Breeze On. I figured making a few adjustments to some sheets would be a piece of cake. Wrong!!Mattresses on boats are odd-shaped. I started by taking measurements of the mattresses the last time we visited Breeze On two weeks ago. I thought it would be easiest to use a king-sized flat sheet to make the fitted sheet but I couldn't find king-sized sheets that were sold seperately. No problem, I just ordered a sheet set with the plan to modify the fitted sheet. I transferred the measurements I had made and marked them on the sheet. Then I cut 90 degree angles for the new corners. At some point I became confused and made some cuts I shouldn…

When to Bring the Boat Down?

We bought our boat in Mamaroneck, NY when we still lived in CT. Six weeks later we moved to Maryland. This wasn't the way we planned to do it. Our original grand plan called for us to put our house on the market in February, move in May or June, then buy a boat in Maryland after we arrived. It didn't quite work out that way. We sold our house before we even listed it and moved about 5 months before we had planned. We also found THE boat earlier than planned in a state far from where we currently live. (I know, it is all relative. Some people buy boats in foreign countries.) Although I am very grateful that the house sold so easily and we found a boat that we love, I sometimes wish it had worked out the way we had planned. The boat is now on the hard in Mamaroneck waiting for us to sail her down to the Chesapeake. Our friends and family often ask, "when are you bringing the boat down?" We ask ourselves the same question as the weather finally warms up here. For …