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A Joyous Occasion

This past weekend our daughter got married. We couldn’t be happier. We adore the man she chose and they are the sweetest couple that I know. They have so many things in common and they are so kind and considerate with each other. We are so proud of the both of them. Our son-in-law and his family are from Massachusetts, where our daughter now lives, so it made sense to have the wedding there. The marriage ceremony took place at the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Hall and it was lovely. The clerk who did the ceremony conducted a beautiful, brief service in a gorgeous meeting room.  Pam and Brad planned a relatively small dinner for family members at a central Massachusetts inn and it was absolutely perfect.

Heeling on the Choptank

Earlier this week we took Breeze On out for two nights at anchorages on the Choptank River. The weather was delightful; sunny and cool with low humidity. We spent the first night at an anchorage on Broad Creek and the second on the Tred Avon River. By the time we came home it was quite windy and gusty but George had a grand time sailing. While we are at home we try to take Breeze On out at least once a week and occasionally go out to spend at least one night at anchor. On Memorial Day weekend we joined a few other cruisers from our yacht club for a rendezvous at nearby Trappe Creek. Otherwise we have been busy working on various projects. I have been sewing, alternating between sewing for the boat and sewing clothes for myself. I am quite happy with how my slipcovers for the saloon cushions turned out. You may recall that the sunscreen we wear stains the leather cushions a very unattractive shade of orange. George was able to refinish the leather last year but we also wanted to protec…