About Us

My husband and I have been married 38 years. We have been saving and planning for retirement almost from the beginning of our marriage. We never dreamed, though, that we would find the passion for sailing that we share.

We each grew up near the water, George in Rockport, Massachusetts and I in Satellite Beach, Florida. However, we did not learn to sail until we were middle-aged and beyond. George learned to sail 18 years ago at the same time our children took lessons. He loved it from the very beginning. He sailed small boats, first a Kingfisher then a Force 5. Since neither boat had a motor he was very limited by wind conditions. I didn't like sailing on either boat but would go with him at least once or twice a season when the winds were heavy and he needed me for ballast. After 10 years I suggested he get a bigger boat so that he could sail more. But I told him to get one he could sail alone because I didn't like sailing.

With the help of a sailing friend he picked out a J/80.The idea was that I would join him now and then, just sitting and reading while he did all the work.

This didn't last long at all!
I loved sailing WindChime from the first time I sailed on her and wanted to learn how to sail.

I took an intensive, week-long class at J World in Annapolis and by the end of the week I developed an interest in racing. We day-sailed and raced Windchime on Long Island Sound for 7 seasons until we both retired in 2013. We sold her, bought a Hanse 415 for cruising, sold our home and moved to Cambridge, MD to cruise on the Chesapeake.




  1. Loved reading this post! first of all, thats a phenomenal sunset picture! i absolutely love sunsets! second, you guys are so cute! wish you all the best

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