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A Better Way to Heat a Boat

Last Fall we tried an inexpensive way to heat Breeze On in during the cold evenings and mornings. It was less than effective. This year we wanted to try something else that would heat the boat more effectively and allow us to extend our season a bit longer. I read about the Mr. Heater Little Buddy propane heater on The Boat Galley blog. We tried our new Little Buddy this morning for the first time. When we woke up it was 51.9 degrees outside and 55.2 degrees inside. George fired up the Little Buddy and the inside temperature went up to 61.5 within a half-hour and 65.3 after an hour of use. Not bad. We are quite happy with our Little Buddy. Posted with Blogsy

A Solution to Our Too-Short Slip (we hope)

We love where we live. We love our town and our condo. The view from our condo is stunning and always interesting. Our condo also came with its own deep water slip. The only problem is that the slip is 23 feet long and our boat is 40 feet long. We have tried and tried to find a solution. George even talked to the Army Corps of Engineers to find out if we could add pilings to extend the slip. He was told that we couldn't since the slip is adjacent to a federal channel and turning basin. This issue actually has to do with dredging. If the channel were to be dredged in the future there needs to be a buffer zone. The law states that the width of the buffer zone has to be three times the depth of the channel and/or turning basin. Although Cambridge Creek hasn't been dredged in years and there are no plans to dredge it in the future it would require an actual act of congress to change the law. We briefly considering going for the act of congress but that would take years and lots o…