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Hurry Up and Wait

Every Sunday afternoon George and I sit down and review our boat projects list. We talk about each project, what steps we need to take, how much progress we have made what we need to do next. At this point we are at a "hurry up and wait" stage on most of the projects. Breeze On is covered with shrink wrap at the moment and we need to wait until the shrink wrap comes off before we can start making measurements and finalizing decisions. SOLAR PANELSWe have purchased most of the supplies for the solar panels including: four Renogy 100 watt semi flexible panels, all of the cables, connectors, and two Blue Sky controllers. George chose the Blue Sky controllers over the Renogy brand because the Blue Sky controllers are "smart" and therefore maximize the amperage going into the batteries. They also have a display which tells us the battery voltage, solar panel output and charge input to the batteries. We have decided to attach the panels to the bimini with Velcro using a…