Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Blue Mind

We returned to Maryland and Breeze On last week after spending a month in Florida helping my mom. Since we returned and started sailing again I have been thinking about a new book called Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do. Hmmm, makes sense to me! Maybe that explains why we love being on the water so much and why we missed it so much this past month. I love it when my subjective experiences are backed up by science. I just purchased the e-book and look forward to reading it soon.

This past week we took a one-night cruise to Plain Dealing Creek off of the Tred Avon River. I felt a bit rusty on the helm but everything went well. The weather is so much cooler now than it was when we left in mid-August so we decided not to go for our usual swim.

Shortly after we dropped the anchor George told me to look at what was coming up the creek toward us. I looked up and saw this.


It was a 104 foot mega yacht that docked at a nearby house.


Quite a sight!

Later, we watched yet another beautiful sunset. I hope I never take these for granted.


We came home for one night to reprovision and then took Breeze On out for a two night cruise with our friends, Doug and Laura. It is the first time we have had guests overnight and it all went very well. We relaxed, played Mexican Train and had lots of laughs. One of my favorite parts was when we all laid on the deck one night and looked up at the stars. My vision has been deteriorating the past few years so it turns out that I don't see nearly as many stars as everyone else. I am definitely going to have to get my vision checked!

LaTrappe Creek
Doug at the helm George on navigation


Phillips Creek
Laura relaxing in the cockpit

We returned to Cambridge in time to watch competitors crossing the finish during Cambridge's first Ironman competition. We fell asleep listening to the announcer's voice still shouting, "______. YOU. ARE. AN IRONMAN!!!"


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cheap, Custom Log Book

There are all kinds of options for a sailing log book. You can use an electronic log (laptop or iPad, etc.), blank notebook, custom bound book or something in between. When we started sailing Breeze On last May we used a blank notebook because we hadn't decided on anything else.


It was a little bit cumbersome because we had to rewrite all the headings every time we made an entry.

We thought we might go with an electronic log book but realized that we don't always have the iPad in the cockpit and don't always want to keep it in the cockpit. We decided to try to make our own custom paper log book with custom-designed pages.

We first agreed on the headings we found useful and designed a page using Excel. The headings we chose are: date, time, latitude, longitude, course over ground (COG), speed over ground (SOG), apparent wind angle (AWA), apparent wind speed (AWS), true wind speed (TWS), weather and comments. George printed a cover page using the logo for Breeze On. Then, we went to Staples, asked them to print 50 copies of the log book pages and bind them with the cover page on top.

The whole thing cost less than $10.00. We are quite please with it. The only changes I might make in a future version is to add a line at the top to indicate the trip or destination and add more space for comments.


On another note, if you follow us using Spot, you will see that we haven't done any sailing for 3 weeks. That is because we took a break to help my mom recover from a badly broken leg. We have been at her home in Florida since she was discharged from a rehab facility. We will be here for another 9 days or so and then return to our home and Breeze On.