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Organizing on a boat

I like to be organized. I like to put things where they belong so I don't have to spend time looking for them. (I know what you are thinking...can you spell OCD?) Being organized is a bit of a challenge on a boat since the storage spaces are limited and often odd-shaped. Before we started sailing Breeze On I took measurements of all of the storage areas and purchased some storage units that would fit. I found that my things still weren't very organized because they would shift when we sailed. I recently had the thought that I could custom make my own flexible storage units to fit the odd shaped spaces on our boat. I found some instructions on Pinterest to make my own vinyl boxes. I used lightweight vinyl that I purchased from Joanne Fabrics, measured my storage spaces and the I wanted to store. I cut the pieces of vinyl and sewed them together. I was happy with the results. Next up, larger storage boxes to use for my clothes. Next season we will see if these vinyl boxes help …

Our season is over

We had our last cruise early last month. Breeze On was pulled from the water a few weeks ago. She is sitting right next to the marina building because they are going to install rub rails for us this winter. Remember my disastrous docking? Well, we decided to have rub rails installed after that experience. Even though we are much better at docking now than we were then we believe they will be worth the price for us. Also on the to do list for the winter is making decisions about solar panels. We have been reading up on electricity and have quite a bit more research to do before we decide. We are currently leaning toward flexible solar panels that will zip onto the bimini. We have to decide how many amp hours we need and which solar panels to buy that will provide the power that we need. So, even though we are no longer sailing we are still thinking about sailing. The winter will be over before we know it and we will be back out there on the water. Posted with Blogsy