Sunday, February 5, 2017

Little San Salvador

Today we sailed 18 nm from Cat Island to Little San Salvador, a small island owned by the Holland America Cruise line. Our motivation for coming here was to get closer to the Exumas and also get a better sailing angle. There was a cruise ship here when we arrived in the early afternoon. George radioed their office and asked if there were special instructions for anchoring. The person on the radio politely said not to go ashore until the ship left at 4 pm and to not interfere with the water activities. He also asked that we anchor at the northern end of the island, but we could reposition after they left. It was ROLLY at the northern end and we were counting the minutes until the ship left and we could move. In the meantime we watched the cruise ship folks ride horses near us and even ride them in the water. It looked like fun. There are a lot of cute buildings at the beach.
Ironically, my uncle was recently here on a ship. We had tentative plans to meet up with him until his friend found out Holland America would not allow us to land to meet him.

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