Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Our new 8 hp motor has helped the Chuggernaut immensely but we still need a different dinghy. We like the idea of the foldable Porta-bote but wanted to see one and ask questions of someone who owns one. When we were at the bonfire the other night I mentioned the Porta-bote and someone said she had seen them in George Town. So, we altered our plans and motored here yesterday. This morning during the cruiser's net I asked if there was anyone in George Town who owned one and wouldn't mind letting us take a look. After the net we stood by on the VHF radio but received no calls. We took the dinghy into town, ran some errands and listened to some music while drinking coffee at a cafe. We took the portable VHF radio with us, just in case. We had just about finished our errands when I spotted a Porta-bote at the dinghy dock. At the same time we got a call from the owner offering to let us take a look. He said he loves his. It goes fast, handles waves well, is stable, roomy and can be
put together in 20 minutes. One thing that some people don't like is that the bottom and sides flex as it moves through the waves. We could feel it flexing when we stepped inside. Overall, though, we think it will be a good choice for us.

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