Monday, February 13, 2017

Childrens Bay/Lee Stocking Island

We timed our departure from Oven Rock yesterday to coincide with high tide so that the current wouldn't be opposing the wind as we exited Big Galliot Cut. We were sailing at 7 knots in 4 ft seas but our speed meant that the current was really ripping out when we reached Adderly Cut. There appeared to be waves breaking across the cut. We turned toward it, but aborted our approach and continue heading south to Rat Cay Cut which was much calmer. We anchored at Childrens Bay where a 6-7 ft tiger shark swam by. Yikes! A nice couple came by and offered us some conch (they had caught 2 buckets-full) but we declined. This morning the water was so calm and clear we could clearly see the bottom 14 ft below. We moved to Lee Stocking Island at high tide. We did some snorkeling this morning and visited the iguanas at Leaf Cay this afternoon. Next we stopped at the former Caribbean Marine Center. It brought back memories of George's grad school days at the FSU Marine Campus.
A note on our Honda Generator: we used it the other night and everything worked well. When the smart charger indicated "float" stage we turned the generator off. The batteries were very low in the morning, though. Hmm.

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