Thursday, February 16, 2017

Provisioning: how is it going?

Today is a boat chore day. It is windy and choppy on the harbor so we are staying on the boat. So far George has transferred 10 gallons of diesel into the tank, we took the motor off the dinghy, we measured the deck to see what size Porta-Bote would fit, I trimmed George's hair around the ears and we moved provisions from under the aft berth. That last job is always a big one since we have to remove everything from on top of the berth, remove the bedding, the mattress and the boards supporting the mattress in order to get to the provisions. Then, when it is done we have to put it all back together and find new storage places for the provisions. So, how would we review our provisioning now that we have been away almost 4 months? We both think it has gone well. We have more than enough food but as George says, "it is better that than not enough." The recipes have worked out well and we have tweaked them along the way. We have been really vigilant about keeping the inventory u
p to date and that reduces the time spent looking for things (which we both dislike.) It seems to work best if I adjust the inventory immediately after moving something or using it up. The "Numbers" iPad app has worked well for the inventory and an app called "Paprika" works well for the recipes. About every 10 days I write out menus and then use the shopping feature to list what foods we will need. I then use the inventory to find their location and make a note of it so they can be found quickly when it is time to cook. I am making mental notes of what we would do differently. If we do this again we would definitely bring a bigger variety of snack foods and dessert type foods. We have been able to find fresh foods in the stores more often than not. Yesterday we scored big in George Town with lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, a pepper AND avocados! Yes!

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