Friday, February 24, 2017

Another Day at Cambridge Cay

We had planned to leave Cambridge Cay this morning but since it was rainy and windy early this morning we decided to stay another day. Later on the sun came out so we went for a hike to Bell Rock and then up the hill (on the left in the photo). Next we put our suits on and piled the snorkel gear in the dinghy and set out to find some snorkeling. The first spot we tried was way too choppy so we turned around and went to the Sea Aquarium. We had been there before and really liked it. Today it was quite cloudy with silt after the rain so not as nice. On the way back we stopped at a very small beach on the southern end of Obrien Cay. It opens up into a large hidden sand flat surrounded by mangroves. There is a saltwater stream that empties and fills the flats as the tide changes. It was a really interesting spot. At sunset we went the the beach with the two couples with whom we played dominoes last night (it was a lot of fun). Tonight we were watching for a green flash. It was sm
all but it saw it with the binoculars.

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