Monday, December 4, 2017

Rock Sound

It has been a day of ups, downs and then back up again. We dropped our laundry at Dingell’s at 7:30 am. As we returned to the dinghy we saw a man hanging around the dock. He mentioned something about his motorboat tied up to a mooring and George guessed (rightly) that he wanted a ride to his boat. He drove him over to his boat while I waited on the dock. George expected to just drop him off but it turns out he wanted a tow back to the dock. George had never towed anyone with the dinghy and was skeptical it was going to work. It did work, the man and his boat made it to the dock, I got back in the dinghy and we went back to Breeze On. George thought he had earned some good karma. Not so much - more on that later...
In other news of the day, we spent a few hours in the morning working on adding more cellular data to my BTC account. When we don’t have WiFi (which is most of the time) we connect to the internet with BTC cellular data. The 2 GB we had purchased a few weeks ago ran out and it took quite a while to figure out how to add money to my account and then purchase 2 more GB. 
For lunch today we dinghied to shore and than walked about a mile to Sammy’s Place for a traditional Bahamian meal. It had received good reviews on Active Captain and we were not disappointed. The waitress recommended the grouper, which we both had, and it was fantastic. 
In the afternoon we also finished all of the bungee cords for the awnings. They are all installed now and we are quite pleased. They seem to be holding in place and don’t flap around a lot with the wind. The real test will be whether we can leave the hatches open when it rains.
When we were preparing to return to get our laundry just before 5:00, the dinghy motor wouldn’t start. George had to row the dinghy to shore (fortunately it wasn’t far). Then, part way there a bolt and wing nut that hold one of the oar locks came apart. The wing nut dropped in the boat and the bolt went in the water. What the heck?  Where was his good karma?  
On the positive side, the laundry was ready. Three loads cost just $21.00. We would have paid at least that much to wash it ourselves in the laundromat.  Janet did a very nice job and I would highly recommend her.  After picking up the laundry we went back to the dinghy to row back to Breeze On. The man who was there in the morning was back again. George asked his name. He said his name is Scottie, but everyone calls him SOB. His initials are actually SOB!  It turns out that we had met him here last year near the local grocery - we heard the tale of his name then, too - unforgettable!  After rowing back to Breeze On George fiddled a bit more with the motor and it started!  Hallelujah!  I guess the good karma returned!

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