Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jack’s Bay & Black Point

The weather was cloudy and cool yesterday morning so I decided to bake some blueberry muffins while George checked and tightened the hose clamps on the plumbing. (More on what inspired him to do that later.)  While he had his head inside the cabinets the wind shifted to the southeast causing the waves to pick up. Our once calm anchorage wasn’t so calm anymore. By the time he finished he was feeling a little nauseous so we made the decision to move. We tucked into Jack’s Bay hoping that White Point would block at least some of the waves. It was slightly calmer in Jack’s Bay and we had the added bonus of two small coral heads nearby for snorkeling. They were close enough that we could swim to them from Breeze On. 
The wind died completely overnight. The water was so clear that I could see the anchor pointing east while we were pointing west. I am sure this happens in the Chesapeake, too, but we never see it. 
We are now back at Black Point and will stay here through Christmas. Lorraine’s has a Christmas dinner and it will be fun to share it with others. 
So, what inspired George to tighten the hose clamps?  On our maiden voyage from NY to MD in 2014, we lost an entire tank of fresh water due to a disconnected hose as we motored through NYC!  We double clamped all the water feed hoses after that and have made a habit of turning the water pump off when we are underway or away from the boat. We remember to do that almost all the time when we are under way and about 30% of the time when we go out in the dinghy. The other day, after we arrived at a new anchorage, I was doing my usual jobs of turning the Spot tracker off, turning off the navigation system and putting things away. I also turned the water pump back on. George was still at the bow finishing up with the anchor. I heard a strange motor noise and didn’t recognize it. I asked George if he was using the windlass and he said no. I asked him to come below and listen to the noise. Just as we both entered the cabin we realized it was the water pump. The reasonI didn’t recognize it was because the pump usually makes an intermittent pumping sound, not a steady noise. After some investigation George found that the hose feeding the shower had come off. He fixed it and made a mental note to check all of the other clamps. 
The anchor in 12 feet of water. 

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