Friday, December 15, 2017

Black Point: Laundry and a Haircut

We made it to Black Point at 11:45 yesterday morning. We quickly dropped the anchor, put the motor on the dinghy and rushed to shore. After dropping the stuffed bag of garbage in the designated trailer, I walked as fast as I could to the BTC store while George tied the dinghy and dropped the garbage disposal donation in the donation box. I made it to the BTC store a couple minutes before noon and saw the sign that said they were open until 12:30. Phew!  We bought our SIM card then went to Lorraine’s for lunch. While we were waiting for our food we walked over to Lorraine’s mother’s house for fresh baked coconut bread. After lunch we returned to Breeze On to gather up our laundry and take it to our favorite laundromat, Rockside Laundry. While it was washing, Ida, the owner, cut my hair. It is such a treat to sit outside, facing the beautiful water, while getting my hair cut.  Breeze On is anchored a little to the right out of the picture.
Starter Battery Update—we have not had any trouble starting the engine since we have stopped using the microwave. We are still searching for a new starter battery that will fit in the space we have and a relay that will allow the starter battery to be charged by the solar panels but protect it when drawing from the house batteries. 

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