Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Isaac Bay

We were all set to start making our way to a George Town when we learned that the dinghy ladder we had ordered is on its way. We have given up on the various methods we tried for getting me back into the dinghy after swimming. I had heard of the Up-n-Out ladder but decided not to buy one before we left home because of the price. Now I wish I had.  The ladder collapses to a relatively small size and is rigid when it extends so it won’t wrap under the dinghy. It is on its way to Watermakers Air in Ft. Lauderdale. After it arrives there Watermakers will fly it to Staniel Cay. We are going to remain in this area until then. 
We moved from Little Farmer’s Cay to Isaac Bay this morning for a change of scenery. It is amazing how much calmer it is here compared to Little Farmer’s. It is just 4 miles away but the ground it higher, blocking more wind, and we are closer to shore. There are coral heads on both sides of the anchorage so after we anchored we took the dinghy and the look bucket to check them out as potential snorkeling sites. We found one small coral head not far from the beach. I saw fish swimming around so thought it looked promising. After lunch we dinghied to the beach and swam out to snorkel around the coral head. It was low tide and the water was so shallow that we could not swim over the coral, just around it. The number and variety of fish there was amazing. One of the fish we saw, a queen angelfish, reminds me of a character from the Drew Carey Show who wore bright blue eyeshadow. The fish looks like it is wearing bright blue eyeshadow and lipstick. 

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