Monday, December 18, 2017

Little Bay to Little Farmer’s Cay

This morning we left Little Bay and had a lovely sail 10 miles south to Little Farmer’s Cay. We had bypassed Little Farmer’s a few times last year but decided to stop and check out the small settlement on the island this year.

Yesterday, before we left Little Bay we went snorkeling. We were somewhat disappointed. Last year we had seen a lot of very colorful fish around a small reef. This year there appeared to be fewer fish and none that were that unusual. The reef looked as if it was dying, too. After snorkeling we went for another hike in the unfinished development. There are some stunning views for anyone interested in a lot without water of electricity!

After anchoring at Little Farmer’s we took the dinghy to shore. We had wanted to eat lunch at Ty’s, a well-reviewed place on the beach. Ty’s wasn’t open so we walked across the island to Ocean Cabin. We inquired about dinner and were told our choices were fish, lobster, conch, chicken or steak. We had to make a reservation and place our order in advance. It would take 1 1/2 hours to cook. We made a reservation for 4:30 ordered broiled fish.   When George and I thought about a restaurant named Ocean Cabin we each thought about a fancy resort in St. Michaels MD called The Inn at Perry Cabin. We both thought Ocean Cabin might be too dressy for us. Hahaha. Not at all. Jean, Michael, George and I were the only people in the restaurant at dinner. The food was served shortly after we arrived and was quite good. 
I love the sign about 2/3’s of the way down, Darlene’s Rental and Church. 

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