Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Up-n-Out Dinghy Ladder

Our ladder came in and we picked it up from Staniel Cay Yacht Club today. A big shout out to Scandia Marine Products and Watermakers Air.  After we ordered the ladder from Scandia Marine Products a few weeks ago they emailed to say there was a backlog for the ladder materials. They asked how soon he needed the ladder.  George told them we are in the Bahamas now and wanted to use the ladder while we are here. They prioritized our order, sent it to Watermakers Air in Fort Lauderdale via FedEx at no additional charge and then Watermakers Air flew it to Staniel Cay.  Really great service from everyone. 
We won’t be trying the ladder out for a few days. We plan to start a trip to Long Island, Bahamas early tomorrow morning. It is 100 miles from here and will take 3 days. We plan to take a route on the southwest sides of Great Exuma and Little Exuma Islands. I have been calling it the back way but I have heard the locals call it the “sout’ side”. It is shallow but everyone we have talked to told us we shouldn’t have any problems. I am thinking of it as an adventure. 
We are currently anchored near Pig Beach at Big Majors Spot. After picking up the ladder this afternoon we took a swing by Pig Beach but didn’t get too close!

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