Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

My family moved from New York state to Florida when I was six years old. I remember complaining about the warm weather and lack of snow, especially at Christmastime. (Truth be told, I also remember complaining in New York when snow would get between my mittens and snowsuit.) Of course, I quickly got used to warm weather on Christmas and learned to appreciate it. I even went water skiing one Christmas Day. It has been many years since we lived in Florida and I once again got used to cold weather at Christmas. 
Last Christmas we spent the day in an empty anchorage in Long Island, Bahamas.  It seemed strange to not only be in a warm climate but also alone. We love spending the winter in the warm Bahamas climate but this year I wanted our Christmas to be more festive. We stayed in Black Point and went to Lorraine’s Cafe for a buffet lunch. We enjoyed turkey, ham and traditional Bahamian food with about 40 other cruisers. It was indeed festive. This morning, before our Christmas lunch, we both took another turn on the SUP. I ventured a little farther from “home” and felt just a smidge more confident. 
Last night George and I and another couple were invited over to a neighboring boat for dinner. The food was amazing and it was a lot of fun. Filet mignon, sweet potatoes and salad. That will be a tough act to follow when it is our turn to reciprocate. 

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