Sunday, December 17, 2017

Little Bay

We took a short trip around the point from Black Point to one of our favorite anchorages, Little Bay. It has two pristine beaches, great snorkeling, walking trails (roads from an unfinished housing development) and is protected from N to S winds. After we arrived George ran the water maker and inflated our stand-up paddleboard (SUP).
Yesterday morning I thought up a way to toast our coconut bread. I set an insert from our pressure cooker over the gas burner and set the bread on top of it. Toast on low for a while then flip it over and, voila!  After breakfast we walked about 2 miles into town to use the WiFi at Rockside Laundry. After we returned George took the SUP out for a spin. We carried that SUP around all last winter in the Bahamas and never even inflated it. Since we are not skilled paddleboarders we need calm conditions to remain upright. Last winter it was either too windy or we were using the calm conditions to move to another anchorage. George did remain upright on the SUP yesterday but said it was very hard to paddle against the wind. That was all I needed to hear. I will try it another day. 
Last evening we had Jean and Michael over for sundowners. It was too cloudy to see the green flash at sundown but we had a fun time sharing stories. Jean taught me to tie a bowline using her “scoop-the-loop” method. I have learned how to tie a bowline many times over the years but haven’t been able to retain it. I once practiced it daily for months then forgot it as soon as I stopped practicing. Maybe “scoop-the-loop” will be the trick. 

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