Thursday, March 30, 2017

Taking a Break

We are taking a break from Breeze On while we visit my family in FL. Breeze On is safely tucked in at Ft Pierce Inlet Marina. It isn't a fancy place but it suits our needs for the time being. When we started out for Ft Pierce from Lake Worth yesterday there was very little wind. We expected to motor the whole way and planned our departure time and speed in order to arrive at Ft Pierce Inlet just past low tide, close to slack tide. We did motor all morning then the breeze picked up. We eventually raised both jib and main and turned the engine off. We were still going too fast so we furled the jib. If you were watching our Spot Tracker you might have seen us bypass the inlet and head north for about 3 miles. We weren't lost, we were just trying to kill time to avoid entering Ft Pierce Inlet against a strong current. We also wanted to be past dead low tide to avoid going aground on shoals outside the marina. We still had to fight against a fair amount of current and turbulent water but did not go aground. 
Tonight will be the first night we haven't slept on Breeze On in 150 days. 

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