Thursday, March 23, 2017

Exploring Boot Key Harbor

The new lithium battery system is installed and working just fine. Alex from Sea Tek came by and had us run a few tests just to make sure. We have turned the shore power off and will monitor how much the batteries drop overnight and also how much our current solar panels recharge them tomorrow. We plan to eventually swap our semi-flexible panels for much more efficient rigid panels. 
In the meantime, George inflated the dinghy and we took it around Boot Key Harbor. It is actually a large, very nice harbor with 360 degree protection. There are 226 mooring balls and there is a waiting list for a ball this time of year. There is also limited space for anchoring. Too bad they have that power line at 65' stretched across the entrance. We also explored Sister Creek and saw a manatee!
There appears to be a weather window for us to leave here and head north
in a few days. 


  1. Hi! Just wondering if you turned Spot off. I wanted to see your location, and the messsage was, there is no information to display.


    1. Hi Willem. We haven't had it on in over a week. We are still in Marathon, FL and preparing to start heading N tomorrow.