Sunday, March 19, 2017

Playing Tourist, Part 1

Since we are in Marathon waiting for our new batteries to be installed we have been playing tourist. The other day we took a wet ferry ride 3 miles to Pigeon Key. It was one of the 82 camps for workers who built the railroad from Homestead to Key West. Henry Flagler, who along with John D. Rockefeller started Standard Oil, spent $30 million of his own money over a hundred years ago to build the railway. Pigeon Key is near the eastern end of the Seven Mile Bridge. After the 1938 hurricane destroyed part of the railway it was sold and converted to a two-lane road. A new road was opened in 1982. The old road still stands, but the spans for the swing bridges have been removed. I remember driving on the Seven Mile Bridge with my family in the early sixties. 
Several original buildings still stand on Pigeon Key, which I think is pretty impressive, considering their age and exposure to hurricanes.
*I had trouble posting this. Hence, Part 2 appeared before Part 1. 

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