Monday, January 30, 2017

Goodbye Conception Island

We left Conception Island early yesterday morning and sailed over to George Town. The winds were light for the first hour so we motor-sailed. The wind picked up to 10 knots, 50-60 degrees apparent wind and we turned the motor off. Ahhhh! The wind continued to fill in and was 15 knots by the time we arrived. We were sailing at 7+ knots and the relatively calm seas made for a very comfortable ride, a nice bonus. We anchored at Elizabeth Island, a more remote anchorage on the southern end of Elizabeth Harbour. Very nice until the mosquitoes swarmed as we were sitting down in the cockpit to eat dinner. We quickly escaped to the cabin and spent the evening swatting the mosquitoes that came with us. At 3:30 am the wind shifted 180 degrees as a front rolled in. The anchor alarm went off but we think it was because George had set a tight circle for the alarm. He was concerned about the shallow water behind us when we initially dropped the anchor. We let out more chain (since there
was now plenty of room behind us), reset the alarm and all was well.

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