Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Broad Creek

Last week we took our second overnight cruising adventure to Broad Creek. This creek is indeed broad and eventually leads to a "back way" into St. Michaels. We opted to save that trip for a time when we have the dinghy all ready to go so we can dinghy into St. Michaels and see the sights. Instead, we anchored in Boby Owl Cove. It wasn't quite as beautiful as LaTrappe creek, but it was still lovely. As soon as we arrived we dropped the swim platform, put the ladder in and went for a swim.


We never went swimming from our last boat, WindChime, so this is a real treat for us. Unfortunately, we hear that we will be unable to swim very soon due to the influx of a type of jellyfish called stinging nettles. Oh well, enjoy it while you can!

Boby Owl Cove is protected on three sides and the wind dropped down to nothing after dinner. It was quite warm so we went for another swim.


Later, we watched another beautiful sunset.

The winds picked up the next morning and were in the teens by the time we were ready to go. We sailed back toward Cambridge anyway, but decided it was too windy to attempt docking. The winds were predicted to drop later in the afternoon so we turned around, sailed back to LaTrappe creek, dropped the anchor and waited.

We worked on a few projects while we waited and then decided to head for Cambridge by 6 pm rather than stay another night. We hadn't made arrangements for our cat or provisioned for more than one night. It was still pretty breezy when we arrived back in Cambridge but we decided to attempt the docking anyway and hope that it was calmer at the end of the creek.

We docked without doing any major damage and called it a success.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful over night. Love the sunsets! Love, Steve and Barb