Friday, November 3, 2017

Little Creek to Cape Fear

We left Little Creek yesterday morning with a plan to sail to Cape Fear, NC. We decided not to press on to the Bahamas just yet. The main reason is we would have to motor most of the way and we have enough diesel fuel to motor just halfway to the Bahamas.
We had to motor almost 24 hours straight. The wind picked up just after we rounded Cape Hatteras so we were able to sail for 8 hours. The wind dropped again so we are now motoring. George had noticed a tiny tear in the mainsail. He just repaired it with sail tape. We are hoping that will keep it from enlarging.
All afternoon we have been hearing calls from a US Naval Warship giving coordinates and saying they are going to be firing live ordnance. They want boats to stay at least 15 miles away. It appears that the ship is located not far from where we are headed. I think we will be altering course! Speaking of the Navy, as we were leaving Little Creek yesterday morning we heard very loud noises that sounded like jet engines. They went on and on. George used the binoculars to see that there were a few really large air boats practicing maneuvers. Each boat had 2 huge fans on the back, like an air boat but much larger. We also saw several pods of dolphins as we were leaving the Chesapeake.
We are about 90 miles from our destination. We will sail overnight again and should arrive in the morning. We tried to make reservations at a marina in Southport, NC but they couldn't accommodate us. We have reservations at Bald Head Island Marina. It is the same place we stayed on our way back home in the spring. After that we I'll decide whether to sail south to the Bahamas or make another hop along the coast.

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