Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We Made it Out of the Slip--Woo Hoo!

The strong easterly trade winds finally subsided a bit so we decided to leave Palm Cay Marina. We still had winds of 15 knots on our beam, pushing us toward the wall. It wasn't an easy decision to leave, especially after we saw the difficulties two boats that left ahead of us had. George did a great job planning our departure and asking the marina staff for help. We used one spring line on a piling and one on the next boat, held by the marina staff, (there was no middle piling between the boats) to hold us off the wall and help pivot the boat into the wind. It was quite a relief to get out of there without hitting anything.
We had a nice stay in the marina and made some new friends while we were there. We shared sundowners, a few dinners and played a few rousing games of Mexican Train.
Today we sailed to West Bay, on the western end of New Providence Island. The bay is surrounded by expensive-looking mansions. We plan to sail up to Bird Cay in the Berry Islands tomorrow.

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