Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Change of Plans

We have decided to stay at the marina another week. Chris Parker has predicted a cold front bringing very strong westerly winds.  Anchorages that are protected from west winds are much harder to find than those protected from east winds. Also, we pay a reduced daily fee if we extend our stay so the total cost ends up being the same. We will leave for a couple of days while the wind is calm and return on Saturday. Our new outboard has arrived in George Town so we plan to motor down there tomorrow and have it installed. (The warrantee is valid only if the seller installs it on our dinghy). 
In the meantime, the water was calm enough for snorkeling so we did a bit this afternoon. One of the golf course fairways is next to the water where we snorkeled. George found 32 balls while snorkeling!  We had heard that the strong winds during the PGA tournament caused the golfers to lose a lot of balls. 

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  1. Hi George and Bev,
    I've been enjoying your blog, gathering all the info I can for our trip south this summer / fall. Having played the back 9 at Emerald Reef, I can attest to the difficulty in landing a ball on the fairway when the wind is howling off the water. Glad to hear the pros had problems too!
    Best regards,
    Hanse 415 "Trekker"