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On the Hard

Breeze On was recently hauled out of the water and is now "on the hard", as boaters say. George and I were pleased that all of the zincs that we could see looked good.

The bottom also looked good, with the exception of the lower end of the rudder. We weren't surprised.

There were a few times this season, during exceptionally low tides, when the rudder was stuck in the mud. The first time it happened after we returned from a sailing trip. We got everything packed up on the boat and were ready to leave. I tried to pull boat over closer to the finger pier but it wouldn't budge. It took us a while to figure out we were stuck. George was able to jump off but I was afraid I wouldn't make it. I stayed on the boat for about an hour while George went to borrow a passarelle (gang plank) for me to use.

We have had incredibly clear water in the Chesapeake Bay this fall. I have heard that the local watermen say it hasn't been this clear for decades. In many places you can see the bottom. We took the opportunity to look at the bottom in our slip. Not surprisingly, it slopes up quite a bit near the dock. We also checked the bottom of the slip at our condo, Breeze On's new home. The water is deep in the entire slip so we shouldn't get stuck on the bottom anymore. We did spot a shopping cart at the bottom of our slip so that will be coming out before Breeze On returns in the Spring.