Sunday, December 6, 2015

Breeze On is Home

Yesterday we went for our last sail of the season. When we were finished we docked Breeze On in her new slip, right in front of our condo building.

The TideSlides which enabled us to keep her in a slip that is 20 feet too short had finally been installed the day before.


I tried my best to be patient during the month the TideSlides sat in our storeroom floor waiting to be installed. I wasn't always successful. Anyway, I am so grateful to have them installed and have Breeze On in the slip that came with our condo. She won't be there for long. We spent today unloading food and linens in preparation for having her hauled out of the water for the winter. Since we have about a foot clearance between the boat and the dock, it was so easy to step onto and off the boat and to unload everything.

We love being able to see her from our windows and deck.

When we start sailing again in the Spring we will enjoy being able to have our guests meet at at our home before we take off. It will be so easy to have everything loaded and ready to go before we head out. I have wanted this since before we moved into this condo. I am so grateful that the TideSlides made it possible.



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