Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Biding Time in Georgia

We are still at Brunswick Landing Marina, waiting for a weather window to continue moving north. There has been a series of cold fronts moving off of the east coast every few days. They haven’t allowed enough time to safely go offshore and make progress going north. We are anticipating a chance to make it as far as Beaufort, NC later this week. We will most likely have to wait there for another major front to pass. 
In the meantime we have been enjoying ourselves here in Brunswick. On Friday evening we met several other cruisers and walked over to downtown Brunswick’s “First Friday”. It is a lot like Cambridge, MD’s “Second Saturday”. The shops in town stay open late and serve free wine and snacks. In Brunswick there was also a live musician, a car show, a health fair, and a few art exhibits. It was quite nice and they seemed to have a good crowd. On Saturday and Sunday we walked into town to run errands and spend some time off of the boat. 
Yesterday we rented a car and drove up to Savannah for the day. George had made a reservation with Enterprise and asked for a pickup at the marina. Enterprise is apparently the only car rental agency that will pick you up and drop you off. Unfortunately, they did not pick us up. We a few minutes early to wait near the marina office. When they were 19 minutes late picking us up George started calling the local number which kicked him over to the main automated system. Eventually he got an option to be connected to the local office. The phone then rang and rang, then he was put on hold, then the phone and rang again, went to a fax machine and then he was cut off. This happened repeatedly. He eventually called and spoke to someone who makes reservations and asked for help. When that person could not help him, he asked to speak to customer service and was connected to someone in “resolutions”. That person couldn’t reach the local office either. She said she would send a message to the local office and theywould call him back. George said he didn’t believe they would and asked if she would stay on the line until someone did call him. She declined. In the meantime time I started searching for another rental car with a different company. I made a reservation with Hertz but we would have to find a way to get there. After George finished with the Enterprise “resolutions” person we requested a ride with Uber. It took about 15 minutes for the driver to arrive and another 15 minutes to get to Hertz. Just as we were pulling in to the Hertz office a person from the local office of Enterprise called George. He told George that he had a reservation but did not have have the message that we should be picked up. That is odd because George had received two confirmation emails noting that we requested to be picked up. Although the episode was very frustrating we are glad that we didn’t give up and let it ruin our day. 
We drove to Savannah in our Hertz rental car, an hour later than planned. We parked the car in a garage and started our self-guided walking tour. We had purchased an app for our iPhones called “Savannah Walking Tour”. It was very informative but, boy, did it drain our iPhone batteries. By the end of our tour we were using one phone and sharing the earbuds. It was a drizzly, cool and gloomy day but we still found Savannah to be beautiful. So many beautiful buildings and lovely squares. We ate lunch at Huey’s on the river walk. By the time we finished the walking tour we had walked over five miles and were tired so we headed back to Brunswick. My uncle and his partner were passing through Brunswick on their way north so we all went out for dinner at Marshside Grill. There are several good places to eat in Brunswick and we were all happy with our meal at Marshside Grill. 
Today was laundry day at the marina’s free laundry room. I worked on that while George returned the rental car and took an Uber car back to the marina. Tonight and tomorrow I will begin preparing food that we can warm up on our passage to Beaufort. 

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