Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sailing, Snorkeling and Sitting on the Beach

Last year the weather didn’t cooperate when Pam and Brad visited us in the Bahamas. It was very windy, often cloudy and cool (by Bahamas standards). They made the best of their week here and we all had a great time. This year the weather has been much more cooperative. In fact, it has been one of the best weather weeks of the winter. Pam and Brad have been taking full advantage of it. 
Monday morning we moved from Black Point to Little Bay. Pam and Brad loved the beautiful, secluded beaches and spent a few hours relaxing and reading on the beach. We were lucky to have the anchorage all to ourselves. After lunch we all dinghied over to the snorkeling spot by the Sandcastle house. We saw lots of fish including several of the Queen Angelfish. 
Yesterday morning we raised the anchor and sailed north to Cambridge Cay. It was an ideal day for sailing with just the right amount of wind. Breeze On was one of many boats sailing on the banks. After picking up the last available mooring ball and eating lunch we dinghied over to the Sea Aquarium for more snorkeling. It is a very popular snorkeling spot, for good reason. There are so many fish!  Brad used our new Go-Pro knock-off camera to take a picture of the Sargent Major fish swarming around me (looking for food, I suspect). It is a little freaky to feel trapped by so many fish. Pam and Brad loved the snorkeling and hope to go back to the Sea Aquarium again. In the meantime, they are getting in some more beach and hiking time while George and I run the water maker and defrost the refrigerator. 
By the way, the dinghy has been running just fine since it was trapped and submerged under the dock. We are SO grateful!

Pam and Brad both love to read. 

A swarm of Sargent Majors

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