Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bomb Cyclone

A weather event, apparently known as a bomb cyclone, originated near the Bahamas and is now headed up the east coast causing blizzard conditions. In the Bahamas it triggered increased wind and lower temperatures (70 instead of 80). I read that the cyclone is called a “bomb” because of the rapidly dropping pressure. 
Yesterday morning it was very calm in the harbor. By the afternoon the wind picked up from the SW then shifted W. The harbor is not protected from the SW but we opted to stay and tough it out. It did get bumpy but not all that bad. By the time we went to bed the wind was behind Indian Point and the harbor was a bit more protected. The maximum wind recorded by Desiderata was 44 knots. If the wind drops enough we may go ashore to Tiny’s Hurricane Hole for an early dinner. If not, we will stay hunkered down. 


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