Saturday, June 24, 2017

New V-berth Sheets

By the time we returned from the Bahamas it was clear that we needed new sheets. I altered sheets to fit the V-berth when we first started sailing Breeze On. It was quite a difficult project but was worth it in the end. This time I made a pattern using leftover pieces of Dura Skrim. I purchased two sets of king size sheets. I removed the elastic from the fitted sheet and opened up the seams on the wider end. I cut the sheets using the pattern, sewed the corners and sewed a wide piece of ribbon on the foot end of the sheet. (George requested this to make it easier to figure out which end is which when making the bed). I then made the casing for the elastic and reinstalled the elastic I had removed. I used the same pattern to cut the top sheet into a shape that fit the mattress. I cut a square of fabric to sew to the end and sides of the bottom to form a "pocket" for the foot of the mattress. I repeated the whole process with the second set of sheets so we now have a spare set.  

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  1. Well im glad that you got this sorted. And wish you all the best with things in the future as well. Keep us updated dear and i will be keeping track of your posts. Thanks.