Friday, May 5, 2017

In Memory of Christan

I am so sad to say that this past week a very good friend, Christan Moran, died. Christan was a friend from Connecticut and the partner of our dear friend, Grace. Although we have known Christan for just six years it seems like much longer-but of course, it wasn't long enough. Christan loved to sail on both WindChime and Breeze On. In fact, Christan sailed on WindChime with us shortly after we first met. Although she was recovering from a double mastectomy she kept offering to help. So I gave her the job of putting the main sail cover on. It didn't occur to me that all of that reaching wouldn't be good for her. She readily agreed and didn't complain. She sailed an all-day across Long Island Sound race with us and was a great sport, even though she felt seasick. Having a positive outlook on life was very important to Christan and she was so much fun. She had the most infectious laugh and we always laughed a lot when she was around. Christan loved Friday nights at our yacht club and we always had a blast. She was a big fan of this blog and she made a point of telling me that whenever we spoke. We will miss her tremendously. 




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  1. Very sorry. Cherish the memories, and celebrate her life.