Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Update on George

George and I have both had a lot of ups and downs (more downs than ups) through this medical crisis. Last night and this morning he seemed to be getting worse instead of better and I was really worried about him. Although this morning’s x-ray still shows a blockage there have been a few small signs of progress. I respect the conservative, non-surgical approach to clearing the obstruction but it is so hard to wait. Especially since he may end up needing surgery anyway. The surgeon just placed the order for his nasogastric suction tube to be clamped for 12 hours. If George tolerates it he can start to eat and drink. If he feels pain or nausea during that time, then he will need surgery. He has been doing laps around the floor trying the help the process along. Since he hasn’t had anything to eat for five days I wonder how he has the energy. 
Our friend, Ray, and his friend, Scott, are going to sail Breeze On the 90 plus miles to Ft Pierce. Ray and his wife, Dawn, recently visited us in the Bahamas. We are so grateful for their help. We had planned to use Ft Pierce as a home base while we visited my family. If the boat were to remain here in Ft Lauderdale our lives would be much more complicated once George is finally discharged. 

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