Our Boats

Our first boat was a Kingfisher. I referred to it as The Green Bathtub.

It had to be hauled to the water on a trailer. It didn't have a motor and the channel out to the sound was very narrow and very busy.

Our next boat was a Force Five. George loved this boat and sailed it at every opportunity. I did not enjoy sailing on it and only went once or twice a year when he needed me for ballast.

Our last boat was a J/80. I loved sailing on this boat and wanted to learn how to sail it after the first time I was on it. We day-sailed and raced WindChime for 7 years until we retired.

We sold it and bought a Hanse 415.

We plan to use for cruising on the Chesapeake and beyond.


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  1. Love these pics, and can't help but wonder what may be next?!