Friday, May 4, 2018

Best of Both Worlds

We arrived home two weeks ago. As I checked the blog this afternoon I saw that the post I thought I had written about arriving home was not here. Another mystery. 
Since we have been home we have both enjoyed long, hot showers, and using the dishwasher and the washing machine.  I appreciate how much easier it is to cook in our kitchen than on the boat. I am sewing again and George is catching up on paperwork. We have resumed our daily three mile walks and trips to the gym at the YMCA three times a week. We have been reconnecting with friends in town. Spending the winter in the Bahamas and then returning home is the best of both worlds. 
The weather seemed cold for us here until just a few days ago. Our friends tell us the cool spring was nothing compared to the miserable winter they had here. It makes us appreciate the Bahamas that much more. Although the temperatures were cool here the spring flowers have been beautiful. 
Yesterday we went for our first day sail since we returned home. It was a gorgeous afternoon on the water and the wind was just right. We invited friends to join us and had a great time. After we returned home I tried out my new Omnia stove-top oven on the galley stove. The Omnia is not supposed to work well on our induction stove in the condo so I decided to cook on the boat. The crustless quiche took just 20 minutes and was delicious. I think we will enjoy using it to bake on the boat. 
George and I each have lists of projects we want to complete before the fall. I think we will still have plenty of time to go sailing on the Chesapeake. I just finished “bags” that will hold our folded clothes on the v berth shelves. I am now working on clear vinyl zipper bags that will hold our medical kit items. 
George is doing well and feels like he is back to normal. He even climbed the mast the other day to fix a wind instrument.  I was tailing the safety line and was quite nervous. I distracted myself by watching the ducklings nearby. I am still nervous when he tries to push, pull or lift anything heavy. I am less fearful about returning to the Bahamas and having another medical crisis. I imagine that will continue to lessen as times goes by. 

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