Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Inching Toward Normality

We left Ocala three days ago and drove back to Vero Beach. George and I were surprised and disappointed that he was exhausted after loading a few bags into the car and helping to make the bed after the sheets were washed and dried. After a brief rest, though, he felt much better and wanted to drive for most of the distance to Vero. Since then he has learned that he can do more if he paces himself. Two days ago we visited Breeze On to work on some chores. George was able to move the 5 gallon jerry cans of diesel and refill the tank. He also stripped the sheets from the and v-berth, put clean sheets on the bed and cleaned out the refrigerator It was my birthday and I was busy talking to friends who had called to wish me a happy birthday. I didn’t intend to let George do all of the work!  As long as he rested in between the chores, though, he felt fine. We returned to Breeze On yesterday to sop up the water from the defrosted freezer and add 10 more gallons of fuel to the tank. George has really enjoyed spending time on the boat and I have enjoyed spending time on her as long as he is there, too. 
Tomorrow we drive back down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit the surgeon. After that we will wait for a weather window that will enable us to start heading north. 

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