Sunday, March 11, 2018

Finally Out of the Hospital

George was discharged yesterday afternoon. We left Ft. Lauderdale and drove a few hours north to Vero Beach where we learned that my uncle’s partner was sick. We didn’t want George to be exposed to the illness so my uncle made other arrangements for us for the night. Before leaving the Ft. Pierce/Vero Beach area we stopped to see Breeze On and get a few things off of the boat. Breeze On looked just fine. I was very concerned that George was overdoing it by getting on and off the boat but he assured me he wasn’t. After visiting Breeze On we drove another three hours north to my mother’s house.  Since then I have been busy doing laundry, shopping for food, cooking dinner and unpacking. It has been a tiring few days. 
George continues to improve each day. His GI tract is settling down, his appetite is good and he is feeling good, but he is easily fatigued. We expect that each day he will get a little better. 

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