Saturday, March 10, 2018

Discharge Today!

We got word yesterday that George is cleared for discharge today! His diet was advanced to soft foods and he enjoyed his first solid food in two weeks. He is not able to eat much at one time but that is improving with every meal. The dietitian stopped by and talked about foods he can and shouldn’t eat while he is recovering. I worked as a dietitian many years ago but I appreciated her suggestions and asked her to return with more information about a discharge diet. She recommends low fat/low fiber for a few weeks to allow the GI tract to heal. As he improves he can add foods back as tolerated. He has lost 8 pounds and may lose more on this restricted diet. Those of you who know him know he didn’t carry around any extra weight. The weight will return, though, once he is able to eat the foods he likes. 
Right now George is eating a very nice breakfast of French toast. We are waiting for various medical devices to be disconnected and for the discharge process to be completed. Then we can be on our way and put this part of the ordeal behind us. 
We are lucky enough to have family in Florida.  We plan to stay with them while George recuperates. Then, once he regains some strength and feels well enough we will sail the boat home. At least, that is the plan for now. 

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