Thursday, March 29, 2018


On Tuesday we packed up our things, washed the sheets and towels at my uncle’s house, remade the bed, loaded the car, drove to the marina, loaded everything on the boat, bought groceries and loaded those on the boat. Our plan was to leave at slack tide either Wednesday morning or afternoon. Although the wind conditions were good, the ocean swell was too high for our comfort. If we had been able to hear Chris Parker’s weather forecast on Tuesday morning we might have known that, but we were unable to download his forecast. We might have chanced going in those conditions if it hadn’t been so long since we have sailed and George wasn’t recovering from surgery. We didn’t want to start out knowing it was going to be rough, especially with George not being 100%.
Waiting here on the boat for another weather window isn’t the worst thing in the world. The current weather is delightful. We have been enjoying going for walks along the inlet down to Jetty Park. There is a small, very nice grocery store across the street as well a good diner and a laundromat. My uncle and his partner invited us to return and stay with them but we are all settled in here so will stay on the boat. They urged us to keep one of their cars so we would have transportation. We drove back to their house today for lunch and a few games of a Mexican Train and will go out for dinner with them tomorrow night. Our next weather window appears to be Easter Sunday. We have planned three possible routes, depending on the length of the weather window. The shortest will take us to Brunswick, GA. The next will take us to Cape Fear, NC and the longest will take us to Cape Lookout, NC. The winds are predicted to be light and we will have to do a fair amount of motoring. We plan to purchase two more jerry cans and fill them with diesel just in case. 

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  1. it's sunny outside in my place, still I can understand how terrified waiting can be