Friday, February 2, 2018

Long Island to Black Point

The wind finally subsided and we were able to leave Long Island early yesterday morning. We sailed a relaxing 60 miles and anchored as the sun was setting at Rocky Point on the “Sout’ Side” of Great Exuma Island. George pulled the water maker out and filled the water tank. He was finished by 8:15 but found that the starter cord wouldn’t retract. It took a long time to take the water maker apart to discover why. A small metal ring through which the cord passes had become dislodged and stuck in the mechanism. It looks as if a small piece of plastic in the hole where the ring sits had broken. George put the ring back where it belongs and crimped it. By the time everything was put back together and stowed it was after 10 pm. We had a restful night in the anchorage and once again got up early to continue on to Black Point. The winds were light and we had to motor sail all day. We arrived at Black Point in the early afternoon and headed right for (you guessed it) the laundromat!  George is getting his first haircut since October. I am up next. 

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