Thursday, February 22, 2018

Getting Ready to Move On

We are preparing to leave Palm Cay Marina around mid-day today, heading to Bimini. We plan to stay in Bimini two nights and then cross the Gulf Stream to Florida. Since it is still fairly windy we may have another relatively fast sail. We don’t want to leave too early because we want to arrive in Bimini after the marina opens tomorrow morning. The trip is 130 miles and should take us anywhere from 20 to 26 hours, depending on our speed. This is the first time we will be sailing overnight since we arrived in the Bahamas. We both used the marina WiFi to download podcasts to listen to on our night watches. We have some frozen dinners ready to pop in the oven for dinner while we are under way. 
After Dawn and Ray left on Tuesday we did a few loads of laundry. It was a very good thing we started early. The laundry has just 2 washers for guests and the 2 dryers are shared with the staff washing linens from the pool and condos. By the time we finished there was a line waiting to do laundry. In the afternoon we borrowed the marina courtesy car and went out for groceries. Yesterday was spent cleaning the boat and rearranging the garage. 
We have been planning how to get out of the slip with a brisk cross wind blowing down the fairway. George will use a spring line to help us turn into the wind. Wish us luck!

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  1. Hi Bev and George. Hope your overnight is going/ went well. Our Friends Bob and Sheila on "Her Diamond" are in Bimini. Say hi if you see them!
    Hugh & Karen