Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hog Cay, Long Island

Yesterday we took advantage of good conditions to sail 20 miles north to Hog Cay. It was a beautiful day of sailing. Hog Cay is a privately owned island with one house on a long, pristine beach. The water was incredibly clear and beautiful. Soon after we dropped the anchor we followed another couple to a reef for snorkeling. They seemed to know just where they were going. The reef was on the northern end of the anchorage and had exposed rock in the middle. It had a variety of coral and fish and was worth seeing. After snorkeling we dinghied over to Joe Sound, an area that is sometimes recommended as a protected anchorage. The entrance to Joe Sound is extremely narrow and shallow with a swift current. Not something that looked at all appealing to us. There were three boats anchored in Joe Sound that looked uninhabited. In addition we saw the wreckage of a large motor yacht. It was interesting to see but I don't think I would want to anchor there with the treacherous entrance and strong current that causes the boat to shift 180 degrees every 6 hours. From Joe Sound we dinghied back to Hog Cay for a walk along the beach. After returning to a Breeze On, Laura, Doug and George heard exclamations from another dinghy behind us. They were trying to draw attention to a dolphin that had been playing around them and even breached twice. The dolphin did swim by Breeze On, fulfilling Laura's wish of seeing a dolphin on her vacation. Shortly after dusk George saw some birds flying by and heard their unusual whistling call. He looked them up online and found out they were West Indian Whistling Ducks, the most endangered species of whistling ducks. Hog Cay is one of two places in the Bahama where they live. Throughout the evening we could hear what seemed like a large group of them in the distance. 
This morning we raised the anchor and had another delightful day of sailing back to Thompson Bay. We had originally planned to stop in Miller's Bay and dinghy to Chez Pierre for dinner. Unfortunately, we are expecting some very high winds in two days so Doug and Laura will be leaving a day early. We rented another car this afternoon and decided to drive it over to Chez Pierre for dinner. The food was fantastic and Pierre was in a friendly mood and quite funny. 

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