Thursday, January 11, 2018

George Town

We made the trip from Lee Stocking Island to George Town two days ago. The wind was on our nose so we had to motor through lumpy seas all the way. Just as we were approaching the harbor at George Town the skies opened up with a very heavy thunderstorm. We slowed our speed in hopes that it would let up in by the time we reached our anchorage. Fortunately, we could follow the tracks from one of last year’s trips to George Town. The rain did indeed let up by the time we dropped the anchor. We were grateful for that but especially grateful not to have been hit by lightning. It is a little unnerving to be the tallest thing around during a thunderstorm. There was an even heavier thunderstorm at midnight. Lots of wind and rain. George stayed up for a few hours, watching the tracks of the boat on the anchor alarm iPad app. It turned 360 degrees a few times as the wind changed directions. We heard on the radio net the next morning that the wind had gusted as high at 50 knots. Yesterday it continued to rain off and on all day. We did have enough of a break in the morning that we were able to go into town and do a few loads of laundry. It was raining by the time we returned but our huge plastic zippered laundry bag (that I purchased here in George Town last year) kept everything dry. Our very first glimpse of the sun yesterday was at sunset, leading to a beautiful double rainbow. 
If the rain lets up today we will venture back into town for a bit of shopping and maybe a haircut for George. 

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