Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another Problem Solved

A few days ago we began having trouble with the dinghy outboard. It didn’t want to start and then ran really rough, with very little power even at full throttle. We thought we probably had water in the fuel, although we aren’t quite sure how it got there. Was it the gas we just got in George Town?  Did water somehow find it’s way in the tank or outboard during the torrential rains?  We may never know. In any case it was a problem that needed to be fixed. George spoke to a few friends and received some suggestions on how to fix it. Michael offered to bring his dinghy and gas tank over and hook it up to our outboard. The motor ran better but wasn’t quite cured. He drove George down to Long Island Peteroleum and they agreed to take the bad fuel that was in our tank, even though it didn’t come from there. George then filled it with new gas. He then put in some Sta-Bil additive and changed the spark plugs. Now it runs like a champ!
In the midst of all of the outboard issues we took our very slow dinghy over to Tiny’s Hurricane Hole yesterday for a late lunch. Tiny’s is an adorable open air bar and grill (with a few cottages) on the beach overlooking Thompson Bay.  This afternoon we came back with our laundry. Michelle (aka Tiny) allows the boaters to use her laundry room. There are now over 30 boats in the harbor and we were concerned the laundry room would be too busy. If we hadn’t been able to do it here our next option was to hitch hike 30 minutes south of here to a laundromat. So glad we could do it at Tiny’s. 

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